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Client Successes by Alphabetical List

7-Eleven Client Success
Strengthening leadership skills and improving consistency of hiring practices.
Results—On average, 93 percent of leaders and 82 percent of observers saw improvement in critical skill areas.
Advance Stores Company Client Success
An efficient, accurate process for hiring new store managers.
Results—LCB-screened hires were 20% less likely to leave the organization within the first 6 months of employment.
American Cancer Society Client Success
Building skills and reducing turnover in a key fundraising position.
Results—Annual turnover was reduced from 40 percent to 13 percent within three years.
AstraZeneca R&D Montréal Client Success
Introducing a leadership development program to help them become an employer of choice.
Results—Participants reported a 29 percentage point increase in their skills.
Avnet Client Success
New PM processes create a high-performance culture
Results—Avnet employees agree that the new performance management process is successful in all 10 areas of effectiveness.
Avnet Electronics Marketing Services (EM) Asia Client Success
Driving performance by developing stronger frontline leaders
Results—Significant improvements in leadership behaviour and organizational outcomes such as increased openness in communication, trust in leadership and internal/external satisfaction.
Avon Client Success
A winning process for hiring the right sales leaders.
Results—Time required to move a candidate through the screening step in the selection process has been reduced from more than a week to two days.
BASF Corporation Client Success
Development of a selection system to rapidly hire a large number of people.
Results—90 process operators were hired within the allotted time frame.
BASF Corporation Client Success
Improving leadership competencies to implement a high-involvement culture.
Results—Participation in the Leadership Academy has led to improvement of the behaviors needed for a high-involvement culture.
BCD Travel Client Success
Developing more effective leaders in India and worldwide.
Results—Developing more effective leaders in India and worldwide.
Bell Canada Client Success
Providing frontline employees with a broader understanding of business operations.
Results—Participants’ business understanding increased an average of 42%.
BIC - Targeted Selection Client Success
Reducing turnover, ensuring high-quality hires, and ascertaining job fit by implementing a structured hiring process.
Results—Targeted Selection hires recived signifiantly higher performance review rating than non-TS hires.
BNFL Client Success
Identifying and accelerating development of high potentials to bridge anticipated leadership gaps.
Results—Participants found the assessment center to be a valuable event that gave a clear picture of the senior management environment.
Bristol-Myers Squibb (Australia) Client Success
Developing future leaders by evaluating 61 middle managers.
Results—Program yielded a human capital ROI of 333 percent, or nearly AUS $700,000.
Brookdale Client Success
Better interviews—and better interviewers—make better hires and drive strong results.
Results—An estimated $3.7 million reduction in annual turnover costs.
BSH Client Success
Developing senior business leaders who have a comprehensive vision for achieving company-wide objectives.
Results—Nearly 70 percent of program participants have been promoted.
Business Development Bank of Canada Client Success
Providing emerging leaders with an opportunity to develop skills and improve communication, trust and the work environment for their employees.
Results—Trainees reported a 90 percent improvement in the number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors.
Business Development Bank of Canada Client Success
Providing practicing leaders with skills that have a direct impact of their performance and that of their direct reports.
Results—Trainees reported a 52% improvement in the number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors.
CableVision Systems Client Success
Helping employees grow in their current position and developing the skills they'll need throughout their career.
Results—Almost 2/3 of leaders now use all of the skills to a
Capital Power Client Success
Developing leaders with the skills to help drive a move entrepreneurial culture.
Results—An 1,100 percent increase in the number of leaders rating their skills and knowledge high.
Caterpillar Client Success
A multinational manufacturer overhauls its performance management system and reaps huge benefits.
Results—More than 16,000 leaders and employees have been reached through the global rollout of the PMP training initiative and the training has been adapted to adhere to the cultural norms of the various locations.
Caterpillar Customized Training Client Success
Providing leaders with the skills, knowledge, and tools to manage employee performance effectively.
Results—Performance management had the greatest impact on individual and team productivity.
Children's Health System Client Success
Solving turnover problems by hiring the right people for the right job the first time.
Results—Within two years, turnover dropped from 23 percent to 9 percent, even lower than the CHS goal of 15 percent.
City of Pittsburg, CA Client Success
Partnered with DDI to develop a new, competency-based hiring process that would enable better hiring decisions.
Results—Surveys of TS®-certified interviewers and candidates who had gone through a TS® interview showed that both groups found the new process to be more effective.
Columbia Gas of Ohio Client Success
Identifying the right leader for restructuring success.
Results—The newly placed senior managers produced positive performance results, including stronger operational performance.
Community Credit Union Client Success
Putting a leadership development program in place to support 200 leaders.
Results—More than 50 percent of employees indicated that their work environment had become more engaging since the training was introduced.
Community Credit Union Client Success
Improving retention and creating a positive work environment by developing newly promoted leaders.
Results—Percentage of excellent or high-performing leaders increased significantly.
Covance, Inc. Client Success
Improved hiring practices mean attracting better talent, reduced turnover and shorter drug development cycles.
Results—Continued to improve its employee retention rate, bringing it down a total of 6 percent in just two years.
CUNA Mutual Group Client Success
A challenging, realistic development experience supports accelerated development.
Results—Accelerated development for key strategic positions, while also supporting a greater cultural change within the organization.
Dell Computer Corporation Client Success
Implementing a leadership development program that focuses on performance management and people management skills.
Results—On average, 72 percent of managers say the training positively affected critical organisational outcomes.
Doe Run Client Success
Implementing a talent strategy to execute business strategy.
Results—Of the 10 senior leaders who participated in executive assessment sessions, three have already progressed to positions of greater responsibility.
East Alabama Medical Center Client Success
Establishing new behavior-based competencies for use in job descriptions, performance appraisals, and selection.
Results—An employee survey revealed that 72 percent of the workforce would like to retire at EAMC—a statistic revealing an unprecedented level of employee satisfaction.
Elk Valley Coal Corporation Client Success
Improving engagement with a focus on coaching and management skills.
Results—47% improvement in the number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors.
Fifth Third Bank Client Success
Taking a more strategic approach to leadership development—at all levels.
Results—Fifth Third recognized it needed a strategic approach to developing its 4,500 leaders. The solution was a comprehensive, four-level leadership development architecture aligned with Fifth Third’s larger strategic talent framework.
General Motors Corporation Client Success
Standardizing selection and assessment to boost quality and improve performance.
Results—General Motors meets its minority candidate placement goal every year while the quality of candidates has trended higher.
Gillette Client Success
Identifying, screening, and selecting high-quality, high-potentials for management positions.
Results—Leveraged positive candidate experiences and the uniqueness of the selection process to build relationships with universities to better recruit top graduates.
GKN Client Success
Identifying high-potential leaders and targeting individual development needs.
Results—DDI used data gathered through the Acceleration Center® to help GKN benchmark its high-potentials against those of other multinational businesses.
Guidant Corporation Client Success
Building bench strength across three levels of leaders.
Results—Surveys conducted two years after implementation showed improvement in employee agreement with seven "vital sign" statements that map to Guidant leader core competencies.
Harcourt Education Client Success
Introducing performance management accountabilities in a dynamic corporate culture.
Results—The programme received highly positive course evaluation from the 140 managers and 500 staff, and positive feedback from course facilitators.
HCA Inc. Client Success
Attracting, hiring and developing leaders.
Results—Realized a 26.7-percent improvement in costs saving, and attained significant increases in employee satisfaction.
Holcim Client Success
Global evaluation of Holcim's Leading for Accelerated Performance and Growth (LEAP) leadership development program.
Results—Overall, 67 percent more Holcim leaders reported engaging in effective leadership after attending the LEAP program. Observers supported this, reporting a 44 percent increase in leaders displaying effective leadership skills.
Huntington Bank Client Success
Getting strong in the middle to execute strategy
Results—More effective mid-level leaders.
Huntington Bank Client Success
Mid-level leaders experience bottom-line business impact.
Results—Leaders experienced a 55 percent increase in on-the-job behaviors related to effective leadership.
ICI Group Client Success
Recruiting the best and the brightest by implementing a four-stage recruitment and selection system.
Results—A questionnaire distributed to all managers participating in the recruitment process yielded an average satisfaction rating of four on a scale of one to five.
Indiana University Health Bloomington Client Success
Reducing turnover through an improved selection system.
Results—A more accurate selection system brings lower turnover and significant cost savings.
Infosys Client Success
Developing a global sales force to grow revenue from $1 billion to $4 billion in just four years.
Results—43 percent of company revenues generated from services not offered five years earlier—evidence of Infosys’ growing ability to sell more strategic solutions.
Innovex Client Success
Implementing a multiphase selection system to quickly attract, screen, assess, and manage high-quality sales candidates.
Results—Sales reps hired through FTS were of significantly higher quality and got "up and running" much faster than those not hired through the selection system.
Innovex Client Success
Creating an online system to attract, screen, and manage applicants for sales rep positions.
Results—FTS hires produce in excess of $2 million more revenue than non-FTS hires.
Interbrew Client Success
Cultivating and developing future leaders is key to ambitious growth strategy.
Results—Participant feedback has been extremely positive and Interbrew stands ready to achieve its vision of “Making Beer Great.”
JetBlue Airways Client Success
Hiring the right pilots for high-flying customer service.
Results—Interviewers who go through the Targeted Selection® interviewer training consistently rate it an eight or higher on a nine-point scale. 
Johnson Matthey Client Success
Hiring and developing talent for growth in Asia.
Results—A succinct interviewing process and improved leadership skills among its leaders in Asia.
Kia Client Success
Driving leadership development forward
Results—National Managers reported a 29 percent overall improvement in effective leadership.
Major US Government Agency Client Success
Identifying the leaders of tomorrow to drive needed organizational change.
Results—The agency is extremely satisfied with the assessment process.
Manheim Client Success
The structure, tools, and training to make better hiring decisions.
Results—Manheim realized a 13 percent reduction in turnover, equating to an estimated cost savings of $7.8 million.
Marathon Oil Client Success
Designing a comprehensive leadership program that combines assessment and people-skills training.
Results—The training created a common language and common understanding of what leadership's about in Marathon.
Mattel Client Success
Development programs help shape leadership skills in fast-paced environment.
Results—Mattel realized a human capital return on investment of 350 percent and a return of more than $100,000 in the first year.
McKesson Client Success
A comprehensive orientation program smooths the transition into a challenging new senior job.
Results—Realized reductions in overtime and turnover and gains in productivity in the markets where the new VPGMs had been on board for six months.
McKesson Information Solutions Client Success
Leadership development leads to great business results.
Results—Employee turnover dropped from 20.4 percent to 4.8 percent; employee satisfaction increased from 3.55 to 3.80 percent on a five-point scale.
MGP Ingredients Client Success
A high-impact leadership development program helps drive a new culture.
Results—In addition to supporting a needed culture change, the Leadership Academy served as a retention and talent management tool.
Michigan Family Independence Agency Client Success
Accelerating development to address an impending leadership gap.
Results—Leadership Academy members are seven times more likely to be promoted than nonmembers.
Michigan Family Independence Agency (FIA) Client Success
Creating a unique, multifaceted succession management initiative to identify high-potential employees and prepare them for senior-level positions.
Results—Compared to a control group, leadership academy members were 7 times more likely to get promoted.
Moen Client Success
Giving leaders the skills to drive engagement and execute strategy.
Results—More effective leaders and improved employee engagement survey scores.
Multinational Telecommunications Company Client Success
The Leadership Career Battery identified leaders capable of rapid and sustained contributions toward the company's strategic objectives.
Results—Top LCB scorers were 5.5X more likely to excel in overall performance.
New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation Client Success
Supporting and maintaining a customer-focused culture.
Results—Across the key skills targeted by training, trainees reported a 30% increase in their performance.
New York Life Taiwan Client Success
Developing a top-notch service center staff.
Results—Resulted in a 30 percent increase in performance across nine key skill areas and realized an estimated 518 percent return on investment.
Nissan Client Success
Developing global leadership talent—virtually.
Results—Leader behavior change was comparable—even superior—to measured behavior change after classroom training.
Numerica Client Success
A formal leadership training program positions a growing credit union for the future.
Results—A pipeline of leadership talent has been established,making it easier for open leadership positions to be filled with qualified internal candidates.
Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC) Client Success
Partnered with DDI to build an effective talent management process for high potentials and future leaders within the civil service.
Results—Positive feedback and development experiences have led to the expansion of the HiPPs program.
ONEOK - Texas Gas Service Client Success
Launching an organizational development program that improved engagement as well as the coaching and management skills of its leaders.
Results—33% improvement in the number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors.
Ontario Power Generation - Nuclear Waste Management Division Client Success
Improving the number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors after attending leadership development training.
Results—Trainees reported a 79 percent improvement in the number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors post-training.
Orica Limited Client Success
Providing support for employee development and company growth by supplying greater opportunities for employee professional advancement and personal development.
Results—All leaders are personally motivated to apply their new skills and agree that the training increased their confidence.
P&H Mining Equipment Client Success
Developing a customized series using IM:EX to train their leaders to improve their accountability, performance and trust.
Results—Overall number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors improved 37% after training.
Pacific Seafood Client Success
Making leaders—and their teams—more effective through leadership development.
Results—Reduced turnover and better quality of life for leaders.
Pharmacia Client Success
Making training and development available to a worldwide workforce of 42,000 with a high-quality e-learning solution.
Results—More than 5,500 employees accessed the PharmaLearn system within its first few months—exceeding projections.
Philips Client Success
A complex organization streamlines its global approach to training.
Results—Leadership development opportunities represent a competitive advantage in recruiting and hiring new leadership talent.
PPG Industries Client Success
Rebuilding bench strength through a 2-tiered career management program.
Results—Now has a systematic process for accelerating the development of its high-potential leadership talent.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Client Success
Overhauling leadership training to align with organizational goals.
Results—Alignment of curriculum to the organization's business needs.
Presbyterian Healthcare Services Client Success
Better leadership and service skills to achieve national recognition.
Results—Ninety-day turnover rate reduced from 7 percent to 4.5 percent.
Providence Health System—Oregon Client Success
Improved leader skills mean better personal productivity and a strong ROI.
Results—Improved leader skills mean better personal productivity—and a strong ROI.
PTT Public Company Limited Client Success
Developing senior leaders show significant improvement in critical leadership behaviors and in organizational outcomes.
Results—Participants reported a 35% increase in the frequency of positive leadership behaviors after attending the program.
PTTEP Services Limited Client Success
Developing associates lead to significant behavior change and improvements in organizational outcomes.
Results—Trainees reported a 67% improvement in the frequency of positive behaviors after attending the training program.
Puerto Rico Telephone Client Success
Maintaining strong business results by improving leaders' ability to facilitate change, build a service culture, and develop high performers through coaching.
Results—Leaders improved their skills by 23-24 percentage points.
Quest Diagnostics Client Success
Making an acquisition work by choosing the right leaders for the blended organization.
Results—Accurately assess 170 high-potential executives for critical leadership positions, identify and select leaders who contributed to outstanding financial results.
Redstone Highlands Senior Living Communities Client Success
Equipping leaders—and retaining staff—fro rapid growth and changing customer expectations
Results—Dramatically reduced turnover and improved patient care.
Reuters Client Success
Developing the skills to support change.
Results—Feedback from participants has been “incredibly positive.”
Roche Diagnostics - Puerto Rico Client Success
Becoming a high-performance organization and an employer of choice.
Results—Due in part to the leadership development initiative, Roche Diagnostics Puerto Rico was selected Number 1 on a list of the "20 Best Employers in Puerto Rico".
Roche Diagnostics-Puerto Rico Client Success
Developing a training solution that focuses on core leadership skills, leveraging employee talent, and creating a more positive work environment.
Results—Virtually all leaders found the training to be valuable and applicable to their jobs.
Saint Thomas Hospital Client Success
Improving quality through increased patient interaction skills.
Results—Saint Thomas’ hard-to-move Net Promoter Score improved a point, from 73.74 to 74.7
sanofi-aventis Client Success
Rx for staffing a great sales force.
Results—Sourced, screened, and assessed more than 31,000 candidates in 120 days; hired 1,000+ top-notch sales professionals on time.
sanofi-aventis Client Success
The best sales talent to drive continued growth.
Results—By completing the scale-up early, realized 15,578 additional sales days worth an estimated $15 million in savings
SAP Client Success
Identifying the right leaders to lead a systems integration.
Results—The data from the DDI assessment centers provided valuable information to guide the systematic development of top managers.
Sensis Australia Maximizing Performance Client Success
These research results show how Sensis Australia experiences a $2.2 MM ROI by better managing staff performance.
Sensis Pty Ltd. Client Success
Designing and implementing a performance management system that reflects "People Commitment" to personal and career development.
Results—Participants touted Maximizing Performance®’s “consistency and uniformity as everyone is now performance managed the same way.”
Sensis Pty Ltd. Client Success
Making the customer a high priority.
Results—Staff retention rate increased by 20%.
Siemens Client Success
Creating tailored individual assessment centers to test defined capabilities in order to identify leaders who are ready to take on leadership roles.
Results—30 percent of the executives that have gone through DDI’s assessments within a year were moved to different roles.
State of Delaware Client Success
Driving the value of customer service.
Results—“Good” or “Excellent” customer service ratings jumped from 26 percent to 74 percent.
Steelcase Canada Client Success
Assessing lower-level to senior leaders, and furnishing them with a comprehensive skill-building program that combines classroom learning with ongoing on-line development support.
Results—Turnover has decreased from 8 percent to 4.4 percent in one year.
Steelcase Canada Client Success
Developing a multifaceted solution designed to enhance competence of frontline leaders, improve selection accuracy, and address long-term development needs.
Results—100% of leaders felt that the skills and concepts taught in training align with Steelcase Canada’s culture and style of doing business.
SunTrust Client Success
Investing in talent yields big gains.
Results—16 percent increase in teammate engagement in just two years.
Syngenta Client Success
Designing and delivering a leadership development program to reinforce an emerging organizational culture.
Results—Leaders completing the LSD program improved their ratings 25 to 33 percent in key leadership areas.
Technip Malaysia Client Success
Setting up an effective talent management process through competency profiling, interviewer training and a leadership development curriculum, and contributing to improved retention rates.
Results—The competency framework has resulted in better-defined career tracks, more accurate performance management, and greater clarity around development.
Tenet Healthcare Corporation Client Success
Giving its 10,000 leaders the skills for success.
Results—Tenet Leaders helped reduce turnover by >4 percent and produce significant improvement in employee satisfaction.
Tenet Healthcare Corporation Client Success
Providing comprehensive skills to leaders from frontline supervisors to CEO.
Results—Overall ROI is 334 percent, or a $3.34 return for every dollar invested.
Texas Children's Hospital Client Success
Putting leadership excellence at the heart of the strategic plan.
Results—2007 employee engagement survey scores rank in the top one percent of health care organizations nationwide.
Texas Children's Hospital Client Success
Customized Performance Management Delivers for Texas Children’s Hospital.
Results—Employees at TCH rated the amount of performance goals
The Boeing Company Client Success
Developing a selection system to rapidly hire 2,000 people.
Results—Boeing managers reported an 80 to 90 percent hiring success rate at the interview stage.
The Schwan Food Company Client Success
Developing future leaders to drive growth.
Results—Filled a number of senior-level positions from the Acceleration Pool®, saving an estimated $3 million in external recruitment, assessment, on-boarding, and development costs.
True Value Company Client Success
The skills leaders need to build a winning work environment.
Results—In an employee attitude survey, supervisor effectiveness ratings improved 17.2-percent in one year.
TSYS Client Success
Building strategic relationships with customers.
Results—Feedback from clients and senior executives confirms that TSYS leaders and team members are viewed as more consultative.
U.S. Cellular Client Success
Developing and assessing frontline leaders for retail stores.
Results—The selection process, which incorporates both assessment and development, costs less to execute than did the previous assessment process.
UFS Dispensaries Client Success
Develop a leadership program aimed at increasing its internal leadership capability whilst supporting a change in culture.
Results—Trainees reported that their highest level of improvement and areas of most development occurred in Coaching for Improvement and Developing Others. After the training, they reported an impressive 147 and 131 per cent change in behaviour, respectively.
Unisys Australia Client Success
Preparing promising employees to assume leadership roles.
Results—Reduced costs associated with hiring from outside the organization.
United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) Client Success
Developing more effective leaders and improving turnover among frontline employees.
Results—A stronger training infrastructure is in place for UNFI to efficiently manage its ongoing organic growth and apply effective leadership development strategies.
University of North Carolina Health Care Client Success
Prescription for Hiring the Best in Health Care
Results—More than 80 percent of hiring managers felt that the skills provided in the training prepared them for conducting strong interviews.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Client Success
Upfront diagnostic assessments pave the way to leadership development successes.
Results—Estimating the improved leadership effectiveness produced a human capital return on investment of >360 percent.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Client Success
Nurturing next-generation healthcare leaders and reducing turnover.
Results—The Fellowship program has served to prepare a core group of promising high potentials for future roles as senior leaders within UPMC.
Verizon Wireless Client Success
Designing a customized solution to enhance client retention representatives' skills in customer service, negotiation, and stress management.
Results—On average, 96 percent of participants demonstrated the skills targeted by training, and 54 percent indicated skill improvement.
VF Corporation Client Success
Outfitting leaders for success.
Results—Leaders improved their skills in communicating, establishing positive interpersonal relationships, and building trust.
Volkswagen Chattanooga Client Success
Selecting the right talent for a new plant.
Results—2,000 high-quality hires from more than 85,000 applications using processes that candidates rate highly.
VP Buildings Client Success
Realized $3 million in process savings by fostering teamwork, making team leaders more effective, and promoting accountability for action.
Results—The organization's Six Sigma and ISO processes have been strengthened through the application of Taking Action®.
Warner-Lambert Consumer Health Care Client Success
Rolling out a customized leadership training program tailored to meet the needs of new as well as experienced leaders.
Results—90% of leaders reported immediate proficiency improvements in the skills targeted by training.
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Client Success
Maintaining a healthy bottom line involves acquiring and retaining high-caliber employees.
Results—Post training, 3 times as many interviewers were highly skilled in administering interviews and making hiring decisions.
Xstrata Client Success
Preparing high-potential leaders for promotion sooner.
Results—Retained 100 percent of these highly valued leaders.