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Events and Client Workshops

Events & Workshops
DDI holds numerous events and Webinars around the world to address current issues and trends. Other DDI events help you understand the innovative products and services we offer. We also actively participate in a variety of industry events, often hosting or serving as an event sponsor. Our associates also speak at numerous conferences, and we attend trade shows to offer you a preview our new developments. Learn about all these activities through our worldwide events schedule. You may register for many of these events online.
Client Workshops
Our client workshops are held around the world throughout the year and provide client facilitators with the skills to deliver our products effectively. Learn about these workshops and inquire about registration through our worldwide schedule of our client workshops.

View our on-demand webcasts on a wide range of talent management topics.  Hosted by DDI thought leaders and experts, these webcasts feature industry-leading research, best practices for hiring, leadership development, and assessment, case histories from leading organizations, and approaches and advice for getting the most out of your organization’s talent management investments.