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Predict Performance

Select and promote the best leaders

Data-driven insights ensure your external hires and internal promotions are better—better because they’re based on capabilities and results most critical for your organization. DDI’s continuum of diagnostic options across the leadership pipeline are attuned to contemporary business issues and configured to streamline your processes and optimize your outcomes.

Competency Management
Warning: Not all assessments are created equal. [Research]

DDI helps you make confident leadership selection decisions with:

  • Structured behavioral interviewing that arms your hiring managers with the tools, training, and skills to perfect the interview and interpret critical candidate information.
  • Scalable, high-impact automated tests to drive efficiency.
  • Compelling virtual leadership assessments designed specifically for the frontline leader and mid-level leader to help you identify, select, and develop for these critical roles.
  • A flexible, web-based multirater feedback system that detects strengths and development needs of individuals or groups.
  • Immersive, simulation-based assessments for all leader levels to identify strengths, gaps, and challenges leaders will face.
  • Intense, “day-in-the-life” CEO assessments to simulate your C-suite and identify whether your leader is CEO-ready—and what it will take to get ready.

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