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Leaders Drive Strategy Execution

Develop leaders who build engagement and drive results

You can’t execute your business strategies unless leaders at all levels can get the highest level of performance from their teams. Yet many leaders fail to establish clear direction and performance goals, are unable to hold people accountable, and struggle to coach them to deliver results.

  • Are your leaders unable to translate high-level strategies into specific goals and actions?
  • Do your leaders struggle to focus their time and energy on the right activities, at the right times, to drive team performance?
  • Are leaders challenged to create the right measures for success?

DDI has developed level-specific leadership programs designed to help your mid-level and frontline leaders drive strategy execution.

Translating Strategy into Results

Organizations need leaders to translate strategic priorities into operational plans, identify priorities, and manage their time to ensure execution and sustainability. Translating Strategy into Results is a course from the Business Impact Leadership® series that helps mid-level leaders:

  • Understand the essential elements required to successfully implement strategy.
  • Overcome the challenges that interfere with implementing strategy.
  • Keep themselves and their teams engaged in executing strategy.
  • Realize how to sustain execution in the long term.

Executing Strategy at the Frontline

In order to achieve their business strategies, organizations count on frontline leaders to understand and execute the top priorities for their team. Executing Strategy at the Frontline is a course in the Interaction Management® series that helps frontline leaders:

  • Maintain focus on important work in the midst of the daily pressure of business.
  • Explain the importance of critical work to their team and others.
  • Track progress and outcomes against relevant measures to ensure successful execution.
  • Communicate accountabilities so that team members understand the importance, impact, and expectations regarding priority work.

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