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GOnewsletter Issue 36

Agile team seated around a conference table.
Developing an agile mindset—and adopting the four basic tenets of agile—can make you a better leader.
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Montage of business elements, a businessman, cell phone, and two thumbs up.
New DDI research shows that CEOs that are active on social media excel in no fewer than six important leadership behaviors.
Business woman flying on an idea lightbulb.
To inspire your team to create and execute innovative change, don’t make a habit of saying “no.”
Businessman running away from question marks.
Ironically, when you play it safe with development activities, you risk not developing the leaders you need. Learn more in this informative upcoming webinar, “Why You Are Allergic to Risk When It Comes to Leadership Growth (and How to Change It).”
Hand pointing to a range of five stars.
To find out, take this quick assessment. Along with your results you’ll receive a 2016 Performance Management study by the Brandon Hall Group.

Talk to an Expert: What Can You Learn About Leadership from Your Software Development Team?

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