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GOnewsletter Issue 39

The Proof You Need to Demonstrate That Leadership Development Works
Need to prove the value of your leadership development initiative? A landmark new study aggregating 186 unique research studies spanning 18,000 leaders and 12,000 of their observers across 44 countries and 8 major industries shows how DDI’s Interaction Management® system delivers real impact.
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The Elephant in the Training Room
What questions do your leaders have when they take part in a leadership development course? This video explores what your leaders are really thinking when they enter the classroom—and how skilled facilitators address those questions.
How Women Leaders Ignite Impact
To celebrate International Women's Day, DDI's CEO, Tacy Byham, Ph.D., shares her personal journey and the collective wisdom from DDI's Women in Leadership practice to explore what it means to #LeadLikeAGirl. Proceeds from your $15 donation to attend the webinar will go to the Room to Read's Girls' Education Program.
Confusion Reigns Down When Leaders Don’t Use Key Principles
To have effective conversations leaders need to address others’ personal needs. When they don’t, it’s often unclear where they stand.
What Does It Really Mean to #LeadLikeAGirl?
Check out this excerpt from Tacy Byham’s acclaimed interactive "Lead Like a Girl" presentation, which is designed to build excitement and raise awareness of the issues affecting women leaders.

GOmagazine GO Magazine 2017 Issue 1

See the latest Web-Edition of GO Magazine 2017 Issue 1

Read how Gundersen Health System found its next CEO through foresight, planning, and a sound process. Also, check out how BC Hydro is developing stronger frontline leaders to promote workplace safety and engage its workforce. In addition, you can read why empathy matters to the bottom line, see innovative new DDI research on the importance of CEOs who use social media, and learn why author Geoff Colvin believes humans will continue to have an important place in an increasingly automated workplace.

Title: Seeing the Next CEO
How Gundersen Health System identified its next CEO. [Read more]
Title: BC Hydro Is Generating Skilled Frontline Leaders
A learning journey leads frontline leaders to be more effective managers. [Read more]
Title: The Economics of Empathy
Having empathetic leaders makes smart business sense. [Read more]
Title: Coffee on the GO with Geoff Colvin
The acclaimed journalist and author on the role of humans in the workplace as technology takes over. [Read more]
Title: Trend Tracker: Leadership Development Closes the Leadership Gender Gap
Findings from a groundbreaking new DDI study that aggregates more than 40 years of Interaction Management® impact studies. [Read more]
Title: What's GOing On
DDI again helps choose the Asia Business Leader Awards winners and honors for DDI from around the world. [Read more]
Title: Information You Can Use!
Check out some of the latest resources from DDI! [Read more]

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