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Workshop Overview

Learners begin their journey before they enter the Facilitator Certification Process workshop by completing a robust workshop preparation. They become grounded in DDI’s Interaction Essentials by completing the foundation course Communicating for Leadership Success via web-based training. The four competencies that have been proven to be requisites of a successful facilitator are introduced and learners take a self-assessment. Additionally, learners are introduced to a DDI facilitator guide.

  • DAY 1: Learners participate in engaging, incremental learning activities to gain and apply knowledge of the competencies required for certification. They learn how these competencies and key actions are woven into DDI’s course designs, utilizing the materials as a guide to successful facilitation. The master trainer conducting the workshop facilitates a positive model. Since facilitators also need to be coaches in their workshops, they learn how to provide positive and developmental feedback. Finally, the participant has one-on-one time with the master trainer to review the self-assessment completed in their workshop prep and receive coaching with respect to the course assignment they will be asked to facilitate on the following day.
  • DAY 2: Based on the comprehensive activities and learning from Day 1, learners facilitate a 30 to 40 minute unit of an assigned course. The master trainer provides one-on-one, personalized feedback on the four competencies, which is followed by peer feedback. Common classroom challenges are also investigated, allowing the participants to discuss and work through potential obstacles they will face as they facilitate in their organizations.
  • DAY 3: Learners continue on their journey by facilitating a second time from an assigned course, giving them the opportunity to incorporate the feedback that was provided the previous day. The master trainer continues to look for the participant to show proficiency in the competencies and key actions needed for certification and will again offer personalized feedback. To complete the workshop, learners participate in activities to understand the importance of behavior modeling in changing behavior and, in turn, helping an organization achieve business results. Additionally, learners gain hands-on experience with the many resources included in the Interaction Management® system. These resources are designed for deployment before, during and after formal training sessions, and will assist with application of what was learned.

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Course Details

  • Target Audience: Anyone responsible for delivering DDI training, including experienced professional trainers, frontline leaders, and team members.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Series: Suitable for all environments.
  • Group Size: Up to six people.
  • Course Prep: Yes. Three hours.

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