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Your Guide to DDI's Talent Management Solutions

Process Overview

  • Phase 1 – Experience BIL: The two options for qualification are Full Series or Select Series certification. In both cases, client facilitators first participate as learners in a DDI-delivered BIL:MLL course. Experiencing the content from the learners’ perspective enables the client facilitators to anticipate questions and determine what they might need to do to adjust their own delivery approach for this target audience.
  • Phase 2 – In-House Facilitator Coaching Session: As prework, each facilitator prepares for a 2 hour demo assignment from one of the courses identified by your organization for immediate implementation. This demo will help them and their colleagues experience these courses within your organizational context. In addition, they review the facilitator materials from the other course(s) and come to the session prepared with questions and concepts/content requiring additional clarification. Option A (Full Series Certification): The Full Series is a 2-day workshop, which includes a maximum of four facilitator candidates using up to four selected courses.
    • Day One: Learners are introduced to the BIL: MLL series and overview the Facilitator Criteria required for capturing the head and the heart of mid-level leaders. DDI’s Master Trainer will lead the leaners in a discussion around the business, organizational, and cultural context relevant to the topics of the courses selected. Together they identify relevant business and HR systems, practices and engagement/cultural survey, values, and the competency profiles of mid-level leader in their organization, if available. The Master trainer calibrates with client facilitators the key messages/ points of view to articulate in the courses. The first two client facilitators deliver their assigned demos. The DDI Master Trainer rounds out their understanding of the specific course by overviewing the concepts, models, tools, and experiential exercises not included in the demo. The DDI Master Trainer also provides facilitation tips, along with “watch outs,” and responds to questions posed by client facilitators for each selected course.
    • Day Two: Following the same process described above, the remaining client facilitators deliver assigned demos. The DDI Master Trainer provides an overview of components not covered. The DDI Master Trainer also overviews the remaining courses in the BIL: MLL series. An implementation discussion concludes the session.
    Option B (Select Series Certification): The Select Series is a 1-day workshop for one or two (maximum) facilitator candidates receiving certification in up to 2 selected courses from the full BIL: MLL Series. This one day session parallels the full series session described above, with two facilitators presenting their demos. This session does not include an overview of courses beyond the two selected by the organization.

Session Details

  • Target Audience: Experienced facilitators who have the competencies required for facilitation at the mid-level, credibility at the mid-level, working knowledge of the organization’s business, compelling communication, master integrator, and global acumen.
  • Facilitator Certification: DDI master trainer required.
  • Prerequisites: Certification in the Facilitation Skills Workshop.
  • Series: Suitable for all environments.
  • Group Size: Up to four people Full Series; up to two people Select Series.
  • Prework: Yes. Four to six hours.

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