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Session Overview

  • Virtual Classroom Facilitator Competency Overview: Learners will revisit the five competencies of an effective facilitator. By taking a close look at each competency’s Key Actions, they begin exploring how demonstrating these Key Actions may differ in virtual classroom format. Discussion will include the similarities and differences in the facilitator’s role between the traditional and virtual classroom.
  • Overview of Facilitator Materials: Learners will review the materials that are used for the DDI virtual classroom courses. They will learn how to use these materials in conjunction with their classroom facilitator guide. Learners will also discuss what will need to be adapted to ensure materials can be used on their own web conferencing platform.
  • Instructional Design Philosophy: Learners will gain an understanding of DDI’s approach to virtual classroom training. They will learn how to leverage web conferencing functions engage learners in many ways.
  • Best Practices and Hot Seat Challenges: Learners will discuss best practices, including the role of a producer, to help further prepare for virtual classroom delivery. In a game-show style activity, they will respond to how they would handle challenging situations of a virtual classroom session.

Session Details

  • Target Audience: DDI Facilitation Skills certified facilitators looking to understand how to apply their facilitation skills in a virtual classroom format.
  • Course Length: Four hours.
  • Facilitator Certification: DDI Facilitation Skills: Developing Extraordinary Facilitators workshop certification.
  • Group Size: Six to nine people.
  • Prework: Yes.

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