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Course Overview

Prior to attending the workshop, participants receive prework that focuses on the importance of the Targeted Selection® system and how it helps interviewers confidently identify, hire, and retain the best talent as well as describing the important role of the Targeted Selection®: Trainer and the essential competencies, behaviors, and skills learners will need to apply to become an effective trainer.  

  • Day One: Participants express and discuss common concerns they have about training interviewers. Participants experience the facilitator’s positive model delivery of the Targeted Selection®: Interviewer workshop (approximately five hours). They are introduced to Targeted Selection® trainer materials. The facilitator makes presentation assignments—sections of Targeted Selection®: Interviewer training. Learners prepare on the evening of day one to deliver their assigned section to the rest of the class on day two.
  • Day Two: Participants learn to use a technique for providing effective feedback. Using the training materials, each participant demonstrates the trainer competencies and practices facilitating a variety of learning methods in 20 to 30 minute presentations. Each participant receives feedback on the use of the competencies and key actions/knowledge areas. Participants review additional Targeted Selection® training courses (Strong Start®, Targeted Selection®: Interviewing for Technical Skills, and Targeted Selection®: Coach) with the understanding that as certified Targeted Selection® trainers they may be called upon to conduct these courses.  Participants receive their second round presentation assignments and begin preparation.
  • Day Three: Participants conduct their second round of presentations, provide a self-evaluation, and receive feedback from other participants. Participants review and discuss the optional course activities that are available for the Targeted Selection®: Interviewer training, how to plan for successful training, and how to make optimal use of course materials. Participants review their initial concerns about training interviewers and how this workshop has addressed those concerns.

Video Segment Summaries

The positive model delivery of Targeted Selection®: Interviewer training and the participants’ presentations of sections of that training will use some of the video segments from the Targeted Selection®: Interviewer workshop DVD.

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Individuals interested in training Targeted Selection® interviewers and coaches.
  • Course Length: Three days (Classroom).
  • Facilitator Certification: DDI Master Trainer or Targeted Selection® Advanced Trainer.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Series: This course involves instruction of Targeted Selection®: Interviewer and, therefore, uses one of four role/industry-specific participant materials and video.
  • Group Size: Up to six people.
  • Prework: Yes. Thirty minutes.

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