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Course Overview

Success ProfilesSM: Card Sort is a fresh approach to  job analysis.  Using this approach, participants are armed with decks of cards and supporting expert guidance to facilitate an engaging process to develop business-driven Success ProfilesSM. Some decks detail roles for a job or job family, others include common business drivers related to your leaders’ organizational strategy. Sorting through the appropriate cards, experts in your organization identify the crucial challenges that need to be addressed in a role or by leaders driving the business. At the end of a Card Sort session, you’ll have established a set of competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experience areas that will set a foundation for your talent strategies.

During Card Sort Analyst Training, we train and certify card sort analysts in your organization to facilitate this process:

  • Step 1: Collect data. There are different cards for different needs, including collecting data for individual roles or job families and determining business drivers. Using the appropriate deck, stakeholders use their expertise to sort job requirements or business drivers by importance. Once the list of roles or business drivers is narrowed down, each stakeholder participant ranks the remaining cards. Then they present their rationales to the Card Sort Analyst, who guides the group to agreement on the top six roles or business drivers. The group delves into the competencies associated with the roles or business drivers they’ve selected and end the Card Sort session with a tentative competency model.
  • Step 2: Confirmation. The Card Sort Analyst continues by examining the resulting model to rank and rate the chosen competencies and estimate the percentage of a job covered.
  • Step 3: Additional information.  Holistic Success ProfilesSM also include additional information, so the Analyst can identify relevant dispositions, knowledge, and experiences to complete the Profile.

This hands-on, two-day training ensures analysts are skilled when it comes to understanding, rating, and ranking Success ProfilesSM, roles, business drivers, job- and organizational-fit facets, knowledge areas, and experiences. They also gain a working knowledge of the Card Sort analyst guide, tools, card decks, and competencies.

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Novice HR Professionals or Job Analysts.
  • Course Length: Two days (Classroom).
  • Facilitator Certification: DDI-qualified facilitator required.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Group Size: Up to six people.
  • Prework: Yes. Thirty minutes.

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