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Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma

An animated leadership game to practice Key Principles

Do your leaders need help with critical interpersonal skills?

Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma is an animated game that provides leaders with an opportunity to practice and refine their use of DDI’s Key Principles, a set of essential interaction and leadership skills proven to boost engagement, performance, and results.

Playing the game as Jane Mode, a frontline leader assumes her role with a newly formed team made up of different personality types. Jane interacts with her direct-report game characters by choosing among responses that demonstrate the five Key Principles. Done through the mystical “12th Dimension View,” Jane is able to see the truth of how a character is feeling before and after the learner responds using one of the Key Principles.

Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma can help your leaders to:

  • See the immediate impact of the use of Key Principles on their team's performance and level of engagement
  • Improve their situational judgment as to which Key Principle to use and when in challenging workplace situations
  • Practice critical interpersonal and leadership skills and experience the consequences of their decisions in a safe learning environment
  • Strengthen and sustain essential skills that drive behavior change and business impact

How the game works

  • Prior to playing the game, learners need to be familiar with DDI's Key Principles by completing a course from the Interaction Management® system.
  • The game features five levels, and learners must pass each level before advancing to the next. A learner can replay levels to achieve a higher score.
  • A Zapp! Zone meter continuously monitors progress and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma has been created using the latest game development techniques.

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