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Assessment Articles

Wired for Success
To assess your whole pipeline effectively, you need to have the right assessment architecture. [GO Magazine Article]
A Stick in a Bundle Is Unbreakable
Building leadership skill proficiency in English-speaking Africa’s Supreme Audit Institutions begins with an international partnership—and an assessment. [GO Magazine Article]
Analyst Praises New DDI Assessment
Brandon Hall Group took an in-depth look at our new virtual assessment, Leader3 Ready. Read why they are calling it a “breakthrough.” [Article]
The Dynamic Duo of Assessment and Development:  Building a Strategic Integrated Framework
The key is to ensure assessment and development are aligned with business and talent strategies, AND with each other. This guidebook can help you build a strategic, integrated architecture. [Guidebook]
The Dynamic Duo of Assessment and Development: Laying the Foundation
When assessment and development are disconnected, liabilities and missed opportunities can result. Make sure your organization avoids the risks. [Guidebook]
Wipro Assesses through the Complexity
Abhijit Bhaduri describes how assessment is helping Wipro accelerate the development of its high potentials. [GO Magazine Article]
DDI Assessment Research: Is Your Organization Performing Best-In-Class?
Learn how DDI assessment systems stack up with respect to best practices and tools/technologies. [Guidebook]
6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Pre-employment Assessments
Understand the considerations you should make when planning and implementing a pre-employment assessment program. [Points of View]
Where are Your
Only 18 percent of HR professionals say leadership bench strength is strong. Here are 4 steps you can take to avert a frontline leadership crisis. [White Paper]
A Tough Test of Leadership Ability
Financial Times editor, Peter Whitehead, outlines his experience of Manager Ready and the challenges both organisations and individuals face when looking at potential for leadership roles. [Article]
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