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Global Leadership Research

Women in Leadership and Gender Parity: Is Change Happening Fast Enough?
How are women advancing to leadership roles? Get research from the Brandon Hall Group on the barriers and breakthroughs for women leaders. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Executing Corporate Strategy: A Global Study
This global study presents case studies, practices, and leadership behaviors that correlate to high performance. [Trend Research: Full Report]
High-Resolution Leadership
High-Resolution Leadership is a landmark report that examines how leaders drive business performance and what makes leaders excel in their roles. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Talent Beyond Borders
Wrestling with taking your talent initiatives, process, and systems global? This piece offers perspectives on why it could be worth the time and resources. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Are You Failing the Interview?
Learn how hiring managers think they’re doing in the interview process and how candidates react to interviewing practices. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Developing the Global Executive
An Institute of Executive Development/DDI Research Report. [Trend Research: Full Report]

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