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Leadership Development Research

PROOF That DDI’s Leadership Development Pays Off
40+ year of research on the impact of Interaction Management®. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Women in Leadership and Gender Parity: Is Change Happening Fast Enough?
How are women advancing to leadership roles? Get research from the Brandon Hall Group on the barriers and breakthroughs for women leaders. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Performance Management 2016: People over Process
Find out the six leading practices for Performance Management from Brandon Hall Group’s latest study. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Learning Technology 2016: Embracing Innovation for a Better Learner Experience
Exploring new technologies is a top L&D priority. Get 6 key findings from the Brandon Hall Group on how to improve the learner experience. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Ready-Now Leaders: Cultivating Women in Leadership to Meet Tomorrow’s Business Challenges
This global report highlights findings on the current state of how women leaders are represented in leadership. [Trend Research: Full Report]
The State of Leadership Development 2015
Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development Study 2015 shares trends, solutions, and leading practices for leadership development success. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Performance Management: It’s Review Time!
Organizations with effective performance management have ongoing and meaningful conversations on performance—not twice a year but every day! [InfoGraphic]
Ready-Now Leaders: Meeting Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Talent Challenges
An industry research report with 10 proven practices to address top talent-related barriers to revenue growth. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015 – Ready Now Leaders
The Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015 illustrates how talent programs impact leader readiness, and how ready-now leaders drive financial success. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Quick Guide: Leadership Development That Measures Up
This quick guide highlights findings from the Better Leaders, Better Business Results with IM: EX® analysis of leadership development impact in 50 organizations. PDF
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