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Outside Looking In

Are your middle managers often excluded from important development opportunities?

Business leaders and HR professionals agree that effective midlevel leadership is essential for consistent strategy execution, and recent research underscores the need—and urgency—for strong leaders in the middle ranks.

Developing talent, especially at the midlevel, is a business decision. That means you need to build a strong business case for how developing great midlevel leaders isn’t a cost but an investment your organization can’t afford not to make. Building that case begins with recognizing the common assumptions outlined in this article and addressing them by proposing a program that drives real change.

Read this article published in T+D and discover:

  • 3 incorrect assumptions about developing middle managers
  • 4 critical midlevel leadership challenges
  • 15 relevant competencies for middle managers

Additional Resources

Learn how you can develop your middle managers in the Conference Board Review article Flattened.

Read Strengthening the Middle for best practices on leveraging assessment for development.

Find out how DDI can drive Business Impact Leadership® with your middle managers.

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