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PROOF That DDI’s Leadership Development Pays Off
40+ year of research on the impact of Interaction Management®. [Trend Research: Full Report]
From Classroom to Boardroom: Early Identification and Development of Leadership Potential
Our research shows that leadership potential can be identified earlier than you might imagine. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Better Hires, Better Outcomes
This report reveals the competencies that health care tests and assessments measure and highlights the outcomes of these behaviors. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Women in Leadership and Gender Parity: Is Change Happening Fast Enough?
How are women advancing to leadership roles? Get research from the Brandon Hall Group on the barriers and breakthroughs for women leaders. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Performance Management 2016: People over Process
Find out the six leading practices for Performance Management from Brandon Hall Group’s latest study. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Learning Technology 2016: Embracing Innovation for a Better Learner Experience
Exploring new technologies is a top L&D priority. Get 6 key findings from the Brandon Hall Group on how to improve the learner experience. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Executing Corporate Strategy: A Global Study
This global study presents case studies, practices, and leadership behaviors that correlate to high performance. [Trend Research: Full Report]
High-Resolution Leadership
High-Resolution Leadership is a landmark report that examines how leaders drive business performance and what makes leaders excel in their roles. [Trend Research: Full Report]
The Call for a More Strategic HR: How Its Leaders are Stepping Up to the Plate
This Harvard Business Review special report discusses how HR can take on a more strategic role in the organization. [Trend Research: Full Report]
Automotive Manufacturing Industry Snapshot
Take a deeper look into specific automotive manufacturing data from the Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015. [Trend Research: Full Report]
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