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Succession Management: Sustainable Leadership for the Future

During this webinar, we define leadership success profiles in the business terms that resonate most with senior leaders.

With ever changing competitive threats, rising customer expectations and economic uncertainties, leadership succession can no longer be a disaster contingency plan. To endure over the long term, companies must have a diverse and deep cadre of talented leaders.

During the webinar, Simon Mitchell and Elmar Kronz:

  • Define leadership success profiles in business terms that really matter to senior executives.
  • Use a proven set of factors and process for identifying early career leadership potential.
  • Select the best combination of assessment tools to evaluate leadership readiness.
  • Turn individual and team assessment data into real intelligence that serves as a basis for placement, promotion and development decisions.
  • Enable participants to benchmark their own organization against a proven set of succession management system best practices.

The Reviews are In...

“Excellent info - good presenter - obviously very knowledgeable about topic. In short time covered key priorities. Valuable use of my time.”

“New ways to think about your pipeline, replacement planning and leadership model.”

“Very good return-on-time invested. Crisp, research-based data, insights and impact of different aspects of TM work.”

Talk to an Expert: Succession Management: Sustainable Leadership for the Future

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