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Succession Management Articles

Are Retirements About to Hit Your Organization Hard?
Valued older workers are thinking seriously about retirement again. Here’s why—and what your organization can do about it. [GO Magazine Article]
The Dynamic Duo of Assessment and Development
When assessment and development work in concert, you can optimize your leadership capability, address business priorities, and meet critical goals. Learn about the risks of not aligning them and how to build an integrated architecture. [White Paper]
The Slippery Slope of Leadership Transitions
See a snapshot of the greatest challenges, who helped the most with the transition, and advice leaders would give a friend before they took the promotion. [InfoGraphic]
Helping Your CEO Understand Talent Management
Many CEOs don’t fully understand the critical roles they must play to drive talent management success. Here’s what we would say to them. [GO Magazine Article]
Your Next CEO
Start now and start right when planning for succession. Read why experience isn’t sufficient and assessment is crucial for CEO selection. [Article]
Managing Complexity at the Top
This article examines why the right kind of focus is essential for those at the top and offers senior executives more effective ways to focus on their big decisions. [Article]
The CEO's Guide to: Talent Management
This how-to guide shows C-level leaders how to make a personal contribution to building a pipeline of high-quality leadership talent. [Booklet]

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