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What’s Your Story? How Did DDI Spark Change for You?

Welcome. This is where you can submit your written or video story.
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Yes, working and partnering with DDI has changed my life

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Story: Tell us your complete story. Possible ideas to get your story started:
What specific aspect of DDI made an impact?

  • Culture and Values
  • Applying the Skills (i.e. using KPs, Interaction Guidelines, STAR)
  • Programs & Solutions (i.e. going through an assessment center, TS interview, IM course, FSW, SLE, etc.)
  • Concepts (Success Profiles, Assess-Acquire-Apply, etc.)
  • Others?
Possible ways to start your story:
  • DDI sparked a change in the life (or lives) of ______ by/through/because ______
  • Without DDI (or the help of DDI), this community wouldn’t have been able to (or could) ______
  • Before DDI, this community was ______ Now, after their experience with DDI, they are ______

You may start with any of these phrases above or start from a blank page…

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