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Elmar Kronz

Vice President, Global Business Development

Elmar Kronz is DDI's Vice President, Global Business Development.  Elmar supports and works directly with DDI clients to define and execute global talent management strategies. He also leads business development, consulting efforts, and global talent management implementations for multi-national organizations. In these roles Elmar demonstrates passion for client satisfaction and results, and promotes two-way communication between DDI and our global clients.

Mr. Kronz provides consulting support for many domestic and multinational clients. The range of clients covers various industries, including banking/finance, retail, automotive, civil service, IT, pharmacology and manufacturing.

Career Highlights

  • Regional leadership roles as Vice President for DDI Europe, based in London, and Vice President for Asia, based in Shanghai.
  • Managing Director, DDI Germany and Southern Europe operations.
  • Executive Consultant at DDI’s world headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Has extensive client experience across the entire range of DDI’s capabilities with a primary focus on talent and succession management, including assessment and leadership development, success profiling, and selection strategies.
  • Provided consulting support for numerous domestic and multinational organizations, including those in banking/finance, retail, automotive, civil service, IT, pharmacology, and manufacturing industries.
  • Has won several awards, including the Doug Bray Award for Innovation and Excellence in the Application of Assessment Technology.

Thought Leadership

  • Mr. Kronz speaks on talent management and trends in HR at events such as the Talent Development Conference (TDC).  He also presents frequently at conferences and industry events, including the International Congress on Assessment Center Methods.
  • He has been quoted by many of the mainstream and professional media. He has published a number of articles in professional journals and in DDI publications.
  • Mr Kronz has won several awards, including the Doug Bray Award for Innovation and Excellence in the Application of Assessment Technology.

Education and Credentials

  • Master’s degree in industrial/organisational psychology and work science from Ruhr-University, Bochum.
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