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Meet our Leadership Team

Andrew Warren-Smith
Andrew Warren-Smith
Andrew Warren-Smith

Managing Director, DDI Australia

Andrew Warren-Smith architects and implements DDI Australia’s business strategy and growth.

With over 20 years of senior management and operational leadership experience, Andrew possesses an astute entrepreneurial and commercial awareness that allows him to skillfully guide talent decisions, build capability and transform organisations across a number of countries and cultures.

Having played an advisory role in positions across South Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong and India, Andrew has engaged with HR and business leaders from multinational, local and state-owned organisations across a number of industries. Additionally, his experiences in co-founding a business school and in business consultancy have given him a valuable practical understanding of talent and leadership success.

Andrew is driven to succeed, but not at all costs. His family keeps him grounded in what is most important, and this transcends into his approach to client and business partnerships. 

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