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Mary Ann Catubig

Mary Ann Catubig

Finance Manager, DDI Philippines

Mary Ann leads the finance and accounting operations of DDI Philippines. She and her team provide accurate and timely data on the organization’s financial health to guide business development and cost management initiatives. She enables leaders make critical decisions on pricing and budgeting based on her access to historical accounts and valuable insights on forecasts and variances. She spends her time ensuring integrity of reports and ledgers, and alignment of financial strategies to the organization’s business direction.

Contributing to the overall engagement of each team member of the operations, she and her team also ensures that associates get their compensation and benefits in an accurate and timely manner. Based on market trends and the evolving needs of the business, she guides the senior management in making critical decisions on the organization’s total rewards strategy.

Mary Ann finished a degree in Accountancy and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant, with accreditation from the Philippine Board of Accountancy to prepare financial statements for the Commerce and Industry sector. She is passionate about data and how they can be leveraged to make mindful decisions.