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DDI and Red Emu Advisory Partnership to Deliver Outstanding Leadership Solutions

May 7, 2019

The alliance will provide clients with consulting services anchored by comprehensive global intelligence and local market knowledge to develop better leaders at all levels in Australia.

PERTH – Development Dimensions International (DDI) and Red Emu Advisory announced today a strategic partnership that will offer an elevated set leadership development programs and strategy services to leaders from the frontline to the c-suite. The alliance combines DDI’s global reach and 50 years of experience in the science and practice of leadership, with Red Emu’s extensive business advisory services and unique market understanding to create targeted leadership consulting solutions for the Australian market.

The partnership recognises that organisations are facing rising levels of uncertainty and aims to support leaders in feeling better prepared to tackle future business challenges. Client organisations will be provided with the advisory support and tools to implement leadership development strategy and experiences for their leaders that leverage a deep understanding of local conditions, broad executive and commercial insight, access to global best practices, trends, developments and digital platforms.

 “We are excited to partner with DDI to define the next generation of leaders,” said Jodie Williams, Director, Red Emu Advisory. “Together we deliver innovative, business-centric solutions to develop leaders today and in the future.”

“The DDI and Red Emu strategic alliance is a major opportunity for businesses to refine the way they approach leadership development,” said Andrew Warren-Smith, DDI Australia’

About Red Emu Advisory

We serve our clients by focusing on overall organisational health through aligning the knowledge and insight of lived executive experience and human behaviour. This means that we work with our clients to ensure they have the right skills and capability to manage the business and invest as much time and effort to develop their leaders to ensure every employee feels valued and a part of their organisation’s success. We originally came together as Client and Consultants – today we come together as One Team – to leverage the diversity and breadth of our experience for the benefit of our clients! We love to see our clients succeed as that means we have served them in the way we aspire to.

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About DDI

DDI is a global leadership consulting firm that helps organizations hire, promote and develop exceptional leaders. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, DDI is by leaders’ sides, supporting them in every critical moment of leadership. Built on five decades of research and experience in the science of leadership, DDI’s evidence-based assessment and development solutions enable millions of leaders around the world to succeed, propelling their organizations to new heights. For more information, visit