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DDI Launches New Podcast to Help Leaders Make the Most of Their Time at Work

July 2, 2019

New Leadership 480 podcast addresses tough leadership challenges with candor, humor and practical advice

PITTSBURGH—How should a new leader deal with the awkwardness of managing a former peer? What one word should a leader never use when managing a multigenerational team? What’s the most disorienting thing about an expat leadership assignment?

On DDI’s new Leadership 480SM podcast, these are the type of tough leadership questions asked and answered with candor, humor, and practical advice. The podcast features lively conversations with leaders at every level who share their experiences, as well as a variety of leadership experts who share tips and best practices.

In every episode, the focus is on common challenges related to one of the three critical time horizons for leaders – all of which center on the number 480: 480 minutes, the number of minutes leaders have to make an impact in typical workday; 480 days, the approximate number of days in a two-year business cycle; and 480 months, the number of months that constitute a 40-year career.

“Leadership is a tough job, and increasingly demands more and more of every leader’s time and mindshare,” said Craig Irons, DDI content manager and podcast host. “The struggle for leaders is how to make sure that time is spent meaningfully, especially when they feel like they don’t have enough time to do what they need to do. Our goal is to connect leaders with each other, as well as leadership experts, to learn from one another’s challenges and successes, get tips on common leadership problems, and feel less alone when they make a mistake.”

The Leadership 480SM Podcast aims to help leaders—and those who aspire to become leaders—excel across all three horizons and make the most of their finite time by providing practical tips, career advice, and insights that deepen their understanding and appreciation of the important roles leaders play.

Guests draw on research and their own expertise to offer advice to listeners, but the heart of the podcast is the personal stories guests share about their own experiences as leaders and memorable lessons learned from the managers they’ve encountered over the course of their careers.

“Knowing that leaders are strapped for time, we chose a podcast format so we could engage with busy leaders as they do other things, whether commuting home from work, getting ready for the day or multitasking on a project,” said Irons.

Listen to the podcast at, or can subscribe on the major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.

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