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DDI’s VR Inclusion Experience Named a 2019 Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive®

September 25, 2019

DDI’s pioneering virtual reality experience for diversity and inclusion recognized by magazine’s editors for innovation and value to HR

PITTSBURGH—Global leadership consulting firm DDI is proud to announce that its virtual reality experience for diversity and inclusion has been named one of the Top HR Products of 2019 by Human Resource Executive® magazine.

“What’s missing from most diversity and inclusion training is the emotional connection—the empathy,” said Tacy Byham, Ph.D., CEO of DDI. “Through the power of virtual reality, we’re able to help people feel what it’s like to be excluded and demonstrate the damage it does both to the person and to the business. We’ve been astounded to see how the experience has changed and deepened the conversation about inclusion among our early adopter clients, and we’re honored to be recognized by Human Resource Executive magazine for the potential of this experience to deliver game-changing results for diversity and inclusion.”

DDI’s virtual reality inclusion experience takes place in a two-hour session and can be tailored toward leaders at any level. The experience begins with an immersive experience in virtual reality in which the leader is not part of the “in-group.” Leaders feel the frustration of exclusion, and see how it limits their ability to be successful in their role. Following the experience, a facilitator guides the group through a discussion about their experience, share honest insights and generate a commitment to inclusive actions.

Human Resource Executive® has been evaluating HR products and conducting this competition for more than 30 years," explained Elizabeth Clarke, executive editor of Human Resource Executive. "Our goal has always been to identify products and services that clearly offer value to HR leaders while demonstrating innovation that will deliver what it promises. DDI’s Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience offers a truly unique approach to diversity and inclusion that leverages powerful technology to deliver a profoundly human experience.”

The VR experience was developed by DDI Labs, which is DDI’s innovation studio focused on integrating cutting-edge technologies into leadership experiences. In addition to using virtual reality for diversity and inclusion experiences, DDI is also developing interactive environments where leaders can practice skills such as coaching and having tough conversations.

“Virtual reality creates an unprecedented opportunity to develop empathy, which is the single most important leadership skill,” said Ryan Heinl, director of product management and leader of DDI Labs. “We are excited to continue exploring the power of this technology, and transform the way we develop leaders.”

Learn more about DDI’s virtual reality for leadership development.

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