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Center for Analytics and
Behavioral Research (CABER)

DDI’s hub for trend research, measurement, and analytics

DDI’s Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research (CABER) conducts, coordinates, and champions research on leadership and employee talent in the workplace. CABER’s work allows our clients to benchmark, evaluate, and optimize their own talent practices, and fulfills DDI’s philosophy that talent management practices should be evidence-based.

CABER’s research focuses on:

  • Producing provocative thought leadership and trend research.
  • Evaluating our clients’ talent management initiatives to understand how they impact both talent and the business, and how they can be made more effective.
  • Advancing knowledge within the talent management industry and the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Thought Leadership and Trend Research

CABER specializes in investigative surveys that advance knowledge about talent management.  Currently, we conduct two bi-annual surveys—global studies involving thousands of participants that look at trends and issues about leadership development (Global Leadership Forecast) and selection (Global Selection Forecast). Participating clients with enough survey responses receive a special report benchmarking their practices against industries and geographies.

Analytics, Measurement, and Program Evaluation

The CABER team takes a strategic and systematic approach to measuring whether specific talent management initiatives are producing the desired talent growth and business outcomes. Although each measurement plan is unique, we provide frameworks for organizing talent metrics into a logical sequence and helping your company leverage its own metrics to gain talent intelligence, fuel internal analytics efforts, and enhance business strategy. CABER can work with your company on:

Measurement/Analytics Planning

  • Setting realistic evaluation objectives, choosing an analytical strategy that matches needs, investigating sources of data, determining appropriate metrics and research design.

Developing or Customizing Tools

  • Determining the right questions to ask, developing research instruments to match needs, incorporating stakeholder feedback into instrument design.

Analyzing Data

  • Qualifying, manipulating, and interpreting data, identifying issues and problems, comparing and contrasting organizational units, extracting information that will guide talent management and strategic business decisions.

Presenting Research Findings

  • Generating research results, writing reports and creating presentations to summarize research findings and associated implications for talent management practices.

Research/Analytics Consultation

  • Advising on appropriate research strategies, reviewing proposed data collection methods and metrics, making recommendations for optimal approaches to match business questions of interest.
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