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From Classroom to Boardroom

Early identification and development of leadership potential

Nature or nurture? As businesses continue to battle volatility and uncertainty, the “origin of leaders” debate grows louder. It is little wonder, then, that our clients want to learn more about leadership potential, and how, when, and where they can spot it. Fortunately, we can provide some answers. Our new research shows that leadership potential can be identified earlier than you might imagine, and there are ways to catalyse this potential before would-be leaders graduate from school. How? With a little help from their parents!

Explore individual findings:

Verity Creedy, sales leader, DDI Europe, launched this fun-loving survey to parents after theorising that her four-year-old niece is not “bossy” and instead demonstrates a propensity for leadership.

Evan Sinar provided superb support with data analysis.
Terri Sota gifted her expert guidance with graphics and content.
Jennifer Pesci-Kelly offered survey guidance and a valuable parental point of view.

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