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DDI Summit 2008

London, UK | April 23-24, 2008

DDI Summit 2008: Shaping Tomorrow: The Global Leadership Journey

This year's summit brought thought leadership, best practice, peer networking, and the inspiration and ideas needed to guide your organisation's leadership journey. Clients from 5 continents participated in this truly global summit.

2008 Conference Presentations

Thank you to our clients and special guests from around the world for attending the DDI Summit 2008 and contributing to its success. For those of you that were there as well as those that could not attend, here are some insights and document that may be of interest to you.

Speaker Presentations

"Re-energizing the Corporation: How Leaders Make Change Happen"
Presentation not available

  • Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle, co-author of Funky Business – Talent Makes Capital Dance and Karaoke Capitalism

"Going Global: Do You Have the Right Leaders to Get You There?"
Presentation (PDF)

  • David Tessmann-Keys, Senior Vice President, International Operations, DDI
  • Thras Moraitis, General Manager, Group Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Xstrata.

"What’s Ahead—DDI’s Response to the Market"
Presentation (PDF)

  • Bob Rogers, President, DDI
  • Steve Newhall, Vice President Europe, DDI

Strategic Talent Management Workshop
"Crossing a Great Divide: From Crisis to Capability in Strategic Talent Management"
Presentation (PDF)

  • Matt Paese, VP, Succession Management, DDI
  • Bill Hester, Head of Assessment and Executive Consulting, DDI UK
  • Eric Rivard, Head of Human Resources, Insurance and Investment Management, Europe & Asia Pacific, ING
  • Danny Kalman, Human Resources Director, Panasonic Europe

"Global Leadership Development: Closing the Gap Between Intention and Reality"
Presentation (PDF)

  • Rich Wellins, Senior Vice President, DDI

"Fueling Growth Through Global Leadership—A View From Inside ING"
Presentation not available

  • Jacques de Vaucleroy, Executive Board Member, ING
  • Lynne Chambers, Head of Global Organisational & Leadership Development. ING

"Open Roads Open Minds: An Exploration of Creative Problem Solving"
Presentation not available

  • Steve Uzzell, Photographer and Creative Problem Solver

Client Poster Presentations:

  • Barbara Pelly, Director, Human Resources HQ Marketing & Sales tells Avon's story on building a "state of the art" recruiting & hiring process for sales positions worldwide.
    Poster (PDF)
  • Pauline Wiseman, Head of Human Resources & Legal will discuss how Honda has built a leadership program for executives to instill and reinforce the "Honda DNA." Poster (PDF)
  • Jef Pauwels, Vice President, Learning, People & Organisational Development, shares how Philips reengineered their global HR function.
    Poster (PDF)
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