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Client Certification Workshops

Targeted Selection®: Interviewer

Poland, Poznań

A rapidly changing, highly competitive marketplace demands making judicious, informed decisions about the people you hire or promote—decisions that can impact your organization for years.

The Targeted Selection® (TS®) system is the world’s leading behavioral interviewing system.  The Targeted Selection®: Interviewer workshop provides a structured, replicable approach to interviewing by developing the skills your people need to interview confidently, gather data that accurately predicts future job performance, and evaluate candidate information to make the best selection decision.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Do your interviewers have the skills and confidence to ask the right questions to accurately select job candidates who are able and willing to perform the job?
  • Do your interviewers know how to make a positive impression on candidates to increase job acceptance rates?
  • Do your interviewers know how to evaluate and integrate all the available data to make better hiring decisions?

Performance Objectives

Helps associates:
  • Build interviewing skills and confidence.
  • Use the interview guide to prepare for and conduct an effective interview while making a positive impression on candidates to increase job acceptance rates.
  • Gather and evaluate data on a candidate’s entire profile: experience, knowledge, competencies, and motivations.
  • Make hiring decisions using candidate data evaluation and integration to hire successful candidates who are willing and able to perform the job.

Our client workshops are held worldwide throughout the year and provide client facilitators with the skills to deliver our products effectively.

These workshops are designed and facilitated by DDI, and are offered exclusively to DDI clients.

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