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Executive Succession

Orchestrate C-level Transitions

Whether you have a long runway to prepare for the retirement of key executives or need to quickly fill an open CxO position after an abrupt departure, executive succession planning is mission critical to an organization’s future success.

Your highest-risk promotion and development decisions need to be made with the highest level of leadership intelligence available. DDI can help you get better data, make better decisions, and blaze a clearer path to ensure smooth CEO, C-Suite, and key executive promotions and transitions. We help you with your executive succession planning through:

  • Day-in-the-life C-level assessments designed to simulate the unique challenges of the C-Suite.
  • Executive coaching for leaders transitioning into a new role, dealing with significant changes, facing a crisis, or simply looking to enhance their performance.
Jay Romans - Be Ready To Lose Your CEO
Getting Succession Right
Your next great CEO might be very different than your last great CEO.

DDI's Executive Succession Approach

DDI helps you get the right executives ready faster by building a custom succession strategy. While C-level and executive transition needs are different for every organization, a simple-to-use process underlies our approach: defining your leadership future, diagnosing readiness, benchmarking capability, accelerating development, and driving impact.

  • Defining your leadership future: We work with you to create a succession management strategy that isolates and develops the critical the executive leadership capabilities required to execute your current business strategy and prepare leaders for future demands.
  • Diagnosing readiness: Seasoned, senior-level DDI advisers, assessors, and coaches will help you get a clear snapshot of executive readiness across your organization so you can make confident promotion decisions and create more focused talent development initiatives.
  • Benchmarking leadership: DDI’s global team of executive consultants have worked with hundreds of leading organizations and many thousands of senior leaders globally. Our extensive database of leadership assessment data will enable deep trend analysis comparing your executives to others around the world, both within and outside your industry.
  • Driving impact: As the need to evaluate impact heightens, you have an opportunity to understand the future mismatches between executive talent and strategy and evaluate your succession management strategy’s impact. We’ll help engage your C-suite with the right data to adjust and realign talent management strategy and deliver more business impact with evaluation and analytics.
Seeing the Next CEO
How Gundersen Health System identified its next CEO.

Why DDI?

DDI stands apart from other firms by blending selection and development science with deep business insight to enable you to make the best possible succession decisions. We set ourselves apart in these ways:

  • We devote our efforts to the nuances of your business and uniqueness of your culture, so that we can help you build your team to align with your likely future business conditions and challenges.
  • Experience: For more than 25 years, DDI has been researching, assessing, coaching, and developing executives in virtually every industry and culture across the globe. We know the terrain and what makes executives effective.
  • Our people know executives. With our Executive Services Teams’ collective experience as current and former executives, organizational psychologists, and business consultants, we are trusted advisors for executives and boards of directors at the world’s top companies to help them navigate difficult transitions in every extreme.
  • We bring future scenarios to life in engaging assessment and development experiences which yield forecasting analytics that spark forward-looking insight for your Senior Executive Team and growth among your participants.
  • Options for your unique situation: DDI offers a range of options from interview-driven to simulation-driven assessment. Together, we will identify your optimal solution to balance speed and assessment depth.
  • We are not recruiters. We do not offer headhunting services, but we’ve partnered with many executive search firms to help companies evaluate and select the right people for high-level positions according to the specific organizational context. Our goal is to help you make objective decisions
  • We find your team’s strength. We go beyond individual analysis to unleash team strength through optimal leadership alliances and combined talents.

To get started with your executive succession plan, contact us.

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