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Our Management Team

Stephanie Nam

Director of Operations and Consulting Services, DDI Korea

Stephanie Nam is responsible for the creation and implementation of the business strategy, finance performance, and daily operations in Korea. Stephanie joined DDI in 2006, starting as a project associate. Since then her exceptional performance has helped her advance to her current position as Director of Operations and Consulting Services in Korea. Stephanie has provides talent management and strategy consultation for clients extensively across various industries and has solid insights and experience. She works across industries, including manufacturing, high-technology, finance, and pharmaceuticals.

Current Responsibilities

  • Korea top line and bottom line planning and oversight
  • Business strategy development and implementation
  • Overseeing daily operations in Korea
  • Taking lead on the leadership development and talent pools management
  • Providing consultation to clients in talent strategy and talent management

Education and Credentials

  • Harvard Business School-Cambridge, MA. USA 2011-2012, Program for Leadership Development 
  • De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines 1994-1995, Major: Behavior Science
  • DDI Certified Master Trainer & facilitator for IM:EX for middle manager
  • DDI Certified Master Trainer for Targeted Selection
  • DDI-Qualified Facilitator for Business Impact Leadership for C-suits leaders

Articles and Publication

  • "Essence of Human, infinite possibility on development and subsequent changes" published on June 2014 in HR magazine in Korea
  • "Risk of Missing Talent due to Asean Economic Community" published on September 2013 in HR magazine in Korea
  • "Learn New and Perform Extraordinary", summary of key note session of Jim Collins in ASTD 2012 in Denver: published on June 2012 in HR magazine in Korea
  • "6 steps of Talent Management" published in HR magazine on March 2011 in Korea.
  • “Scientific Approach of Selecting Talent with Competency based Interview" June 2006 in HR magazine in Korea

Thought Leadership

  • Presented "How Catalyst Leaders Bring their best to organizations" at DDI led conference in Korea in 2016
  • Presented "4 Ways to Prevent Development Initiative Failure" at KPC (Korea Productivity Center’s post- ASTD debriefing session at Seoul, Korea in May 2014
  • Presented "5 Things All Managers Must Do to Sustain Development" at in-booth session at DDI booth in Expo of ASTD at Washington DC in May 2014
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