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Ensuring your leaders have what it takes. Across 93 countries/regions.

Main Office
DDI México, Oficina Cd. de México
Av. Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma #1236 Piso 5, Col. Santa Fe,
Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Ciudad de México, 05348, México
Tel: +52 (55)1253-9000
Customer Services - Monterrey / Bajío - Tel: +52 81-27210183

Developing exceptional leaders in México

The DDI México offices were opened in 1995. Today we have an office in Mexico City, where we have an Acceleration Center® and training facilities.

Our consultants are high-caliber people, thoroughly versed in DDI programs, who have a strong background in Human Resources with major corporations. For implementations at the global level, we have an advantage in that most of our consultants are bilingual or even trilingual, so that we have been able to deliver our services throughout Latin America, as well as in Spanish-, Portuguese-, and English-speaking countries.

Grupo Bimbo's Story
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DDI is built to serve multinational clients. The México office is part of a global infrastructure of 42 wholly-owned or closely affiliated offices delivering to more than 90 countries. We have the experience and infrastructure to ensure projects run efficiently, are scalable, and deliver exceptional results around the world.

Our areas of specialization are human resources systems, design and implementation of selection systems, assessment centers, training, and succession management.

Our Expertise

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