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Built to Serve Multinationals

Maximize the impact of global talent projects

Leaders ready for business wherever you need them

The challenge of implementing a global or multinational leadership project is much more complex than simply designing a local initiative on a larger scale.

Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015 Multinational Sub-report
Gain insights into the unique leadership challenges of multinational organizations.

DDI is built to serve multinational clients—with 42 wholly-owned or closely-affiliated offices delivering to more than 90 countries/regions—we have the experience and infrastructure to ensure projects run efficiently, are scalable and deliver exceptional results.

We can help you:

  • Manage the differences in a global implementation rather than mandating consistency.
  • Anticipate the barriers.
  • Focus on implementation–this is where your implementation will fail or succeed.
  • Consider practicalities such as local resources available to deliver. Do you have them? If not, where will you find them?
  • Simplify. Our expertise, systems and processes reduce complexity within your organization.

DDI global project experts guide you step-by-step through the challenges and best practices of global implementations to ensure you focus on the outcome you want, not the process.

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