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GO Magazine 2011 Issue 2

Great People. Great Organizations. Great Results.

GO provides the information, inspiration, and perspective HR leaders, managers, and practitioners—as well as those from outside of HR—need to make their leaders more effective, make their organizations more successful, and make themselves proud of the work they do.

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In this issue of GO

Ready, Set . . .

DDI's Scott Erker shows you what's in this issue of GO.


See More: Scott Erker shares the four essential apsects of job fit.

Volkswagen Chattanooga’s innovative plant start-up, NewYork-Presbyterian’s “amazing hires,” strengthening the middle, and the real truth about innovation.

Title: The People’s Plant
Volkswagen Chattanooga revs up selection for its plant start-up. [Read more]
Title: Building Leadership Strength at the Mid-Level
This study by DDI and the Institute of Executive Development examines the global challenges in mid-level leader assessment and development. [Read more]
Title: The Lives We’ve Changed
A sampling of powerful stories from the forthcoming DDI book, Spark! [Read more]
Title: Amazing Hires Happen Here
A newly redesigned selection process is helping NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital stay focused on its patients. [Read more]
Title: Multiple Views on the State of Leadership
DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast research offers insights specific to generations, gender, and geography. [Read more]
Title: Breaking Away from the “Big Idea” Mindset
Innovation isn’t what you think. Discover what it really takes for leaders to create the conditions that foster out-of-the-box thinking. [Read more]
Title: Coffee on the GO with Miha Pogačnik
The renowned classical violinist shows business leaders how art and leadership are intertwined. [Read more]
Title: Perspective: Time to Rethink Competencies?
DDI’s co-founder and chairman Bill Byham believes that developing competencies isn’t sufficient to give leaders the skills they need most. [Read more]

Ready, Set . . .

Scott Erker shares the four essential apsects of job fit.


What's GOing On

DDI again named a great place to work, Manager Ready® named HR Product of the Year, and new tools for identifying leadership potential:

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