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GO Magazine 2012 Issue 1

Great People. Great Organizations. Great Results.

GO provides the information, inspiration, and perspective HR leaders, managers, and practitioners—as well as those from outside of HR—need to make their leaders more effective, make their organizations more successful, and make themselves proud of the work they do.

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In this issue of GO

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DDI's Rich Wellins shows you what's in this issue of GO.


See More: Rich Wellins discusses DDI’s involvement with CNBC’s Asia Business Leaders Awards.

Westinghouse Electric Company built an award-winning corporate university to keep its people at the forefront of the nuclear power industry.

Title: The Power of Development
Westinghouse Electric Company built an award-winning corporate university to keep its people at the forefront of the nuclear power industry. [Read more]
Title: Are Leaders Lacking? Employees Think So!
A global DDI study of employees reveals that many leaders lack essential skills. [Read more]
Title: Driving Connections
Nissan has employed DDI’s Virtual Classroom technology to develop and connect high-potential leaders in important global markets. [Read more]
Title: Bully-Proofing the Workplace
The best way to deal with bullies in the workplace is to not hire them in the first place. Here’s how you can avoid a prevalent and often very serious problem. [Read more]
Title: Celebrating the Best!
CNBC’s Asia Business Leaders Awards have been recognizing the top leaders in Asia for 10 years. [Read more]
Title: Coffee on the GO with Vijay Govindarajan
Best-selling author Vijay Govindarajan predicts your next big innovation will come from an emerging market. [Read more]
Title: Perspective: Are Millennials Ready to Lead?
In this article, we share job performance data research that shows Gen Y is indeed ready to lead. [Read more]
Title: Competencies for the Next Generation
How has the perceived importance of specific competencies changed over time, and which will be most critical for the future? [Read more]
Title: Sparking Change, Touching Lives
Our new book celebrates how the science behind DDI transforms lives in and out of the workplace. [Read more]

Ready, Set . . .

Rich Wellins on the ABLA Awards.


What's GOing On

DDI is proud to have been recognized by multiple third parties for our work with clients and innovations:

  • Top 20 Leadership Training Companies
  • Taleo’s 2012 Partner of The Year
  • Chief Learning Officer Magazine’s Excellence in E-Learning Award

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A new DDI study explores the connection between leaders and innovation: Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Innovation: The Leadership Imperative.

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