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What’s Going On

Introducing Leader3 Ready®, acknowledging ATD Best-in-Class Winners, and new IM: ExLSM Industrial Content available now!
What’s Going On

Introducing Leader3 Ready®: Assessment Designed for Your Mid-Level Leaders to Emerging Executives

“Leader3 Ready is a breakthrough virtual mid-level leader assessment enabling precision identification of your highest-performing leaders with the greatest potential for success in a next-level role.”
– Laci Loew, vice president and principal analyst, talent management, Brandon Hall Group


Leader3 Ready® is DDI’s realistic, virtual assessment solution that makes it easy to get the talent intelligence you need. Identify, select, and develop the right mid-level leaders to emerging executives and prepare them for the role they’re in today—and the role you’ll need them to step up to tomorrow.

What Leader3 Ready® will do for your organization:

  • Deliver intelligence to inform talent and business decisions.
  • Provide a realistic and engaging assessment that mirrors an actual job role.
  • Synthesize behavioral, motivational, experiential, and personality data into a holistic look at your leaders’ capabilities.
  • Use your business drivers and language to customize the business context.
  • Report on readiness of your mid-level to do things like drive product innovation, enhance the brand, or increase revenue production.
  • Launch participants on their own development path with credible data and insights, easy-to-interpret individual reports, and expert development guidance.

Congratulations ATD Best-in-Class Winners!

Best-in-Class WinnersSix DDI clients were among the winners when the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) announced its 2014 list of Very BEST Learning Organizations in October. They include Tech Mahindra, IBM, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Ryan, UPS, and USAA. Congratulations to these worthy organizations!

The BEST Awards recognize organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success as a result of employee learning and development. Award winners must demonstrate that they are excellent in many aspects of the learning function:

Learning has an enterprise-wide role—involving the executive team, creating solutions to business issues, and setting organizational strategy.

Learning has value in the organization’s culture—learning opportunities for employees, C-level involvement, learning for growth of the organization, and innovation.

Learning links to individual and organizational performance—alignment with the business, efficiency, measurement of the effectiveness of learning, and success with non-training solutions for business needs.

IM: ExLSM Industrial Content Now Available

Now available for DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders Series (IM: ExLSM) is new industrial-specific content that highlights situations and challenges that are common in industrial work environments. The new content includes:

  • Videos—New videos feature scenarios set in factories, mines, warehouses, and other similar settings.
  • Course Journals—Skill practices reflect situations leaders in manufacturing and industrial organizations face. Some examples, such as demonstrating the Key Principles, have been revised to be more relevant for industrial leaders.
  • Facilitator Guide—Each course has an Industrial facilitator guide that aligns with the video and course journals.
  • Facilitator CD-ROM—In addition to the Administrative content, CD-ROMs have been updated to include industrial video scripts, industry-specific Knowledge Checks, and Development Accelerators. The facilitator slides also reflect industrial content and settings with updated graphics.
  • Interaction Skills Simulation—Leaders can practice their skills with a new version of the simulation. Explore the simulations.

View a webinar on Leadership Development in Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors.


Learn more about Leader3 Ready® and request a demo.

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