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What's GOing On

Introducing the Service Ready support portal, Mindmarker training reinforcement bolsters DDI courses, exiting changes to Business Impact LeadershipSM, and Are You In the List? again recognizes India’s rising HR stars.
What's GOing On

New Lineup of DDI Events Taking Shape!

DDI is planning an exciting new lineup of webinars on the leadership and assessment topics that matter most to you and your organization!

See the current schedule of webinars and sign up for those that meet your needs. And check back often—more topics and dates are added regularly!

Introducing the Service Ready Support Portal for End-Users

DDI's new technology support portal, Service Ready, provides our end-users with the ability to resolve technical product support issues—online or on a mobile device. The portal enables candidates, participants, and administrators to solve learning or assessment technology challenges quickly and efficiently, and also provide input on DDI product development. With Service Ready, end-users can:

  • Submit and track support tickets for technical issues 24/7.
  • Search for self-help information (in English only) on our systems and products, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Stay up-to-date on important technology information, such as new releases and technical specifications.
  • Provide feedback to DDI service teams and make suggestions for new products or improvements to existing ones.
  • See alerts if there are DDI product or system outages.
Introducing the Service Ready Support Portal for End-Users

DDI Courses Now Feature Mindmarker Training Reinforcement

Mindmarker Training Reinforcement

DDI courses now are even more powerful and “sticky” thanks to a new partnership with Mindmarker, the leader in training reinforcement. Mindmarker has developed and deployed training reinforcement for DDI’s leadership development courses.

Many DDI courses now include custom-built Mindmarker Training Reinforcement, which is delivered to participants through the Mindmarker app (iOS, Android, Windows, web application). Making Mindmarker Training Reinforcement available post-training serves to increase knowledge retention and drive application toward mastery.

“This innovative, easy-to-use application automatically pushes key pieces of our content to learners, and the back-end dashboard puts valuable information at the fingertips of our HR partners,” says Barry Stern, DDI senior vice president, development solutions. “It’s like a mini-learning journey in a box for individuals—clearly, the right tool at the right time.”

The Mindmarker Training Reinforcement app joins DDI’s robust toolbox for reinforcing and sustaining learning.

Are You In the List? Recognizes India’s Rising HR Stars

For the fourth year in a row, DDI is partnering with People Matters, India’s leading knowledge and media platform in the HR space, to recognize India’s emerging future HR leaders. The initiative, Are You In the List? is the largest to identify dynamic HR leaders between the ages of 26 and 35 from organizations within India.

Since its inception in 2012, Are You In the List? has drawn more than 4,500 applicants, including more than 2,000 in 2014.

Applicants go through a rigorous eight-month journey that includes a cognitive ability test, leadership assessment via DDI’s Manager Ready®, video interviews, and a business analysis case study. Each applicant is evaluated against a comprehensive Success Profile, based in part on DDI’s exhaustive research base.

From the process, “HR’s 25 Most Wanted” are identified, honored at an awards ceremony, and profiled on the People Matters web site.

Business Impact Leadership® More Exciting and Engaging!

DDI has updated the Business Impact Leadership® development series to create a more engaging, transformative experience for your mid-level leaders! While each course objective remains the same, with the updates there are numerous improvements, including:

  • A New Course, Leading with a Global Perspective, for developing culturally-competent leaders with the best of DDI’s proven methodology and TMC/Berlitz’s leading-edge cultural self-insight tools. This new course replaces Operating with a Global Perspective.
  • Updated Research and statistics within all of the course materials, to ensure each course’s continued relevance in today’s business environment.
  • Fine-Tuned Content drawn from feedback from our top facilitators, including improved timing for activities, clearer instructions, and better transitions between units.
  • A New Contemporary Design has been applied to all participant and facilitator materials, providing the executive impact essential for mid-level leaders.


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