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DDI produces the kind of future-focused insights and best practices that will help you develop talent strategies that drive your business strategy.

Women in Leadership and Gender Parity: Is Change Happening Fast Enough?
How are women advancing to leadership roles? Get research from the Brandon Hall Group on the barriers and breakthroughs for women leaders..
[Read the report]
7 Best Practices for Leadership Readiness
This guidebook will show you how to avoid the dangers that HR leaders fall victim to, and deliver substantial value for your organization, leaders, and culture.
[View the Guidebook]
Allergic to Risk: Treatments and Cures for Low-Impact Development
This webinar discusses how you can ensure that each of your leadership development investments have significant impact on the supply of ready leaders in your organization by creating sustainable processes.
[View the Webinar]
Optus Transforms Its Business and Its New Leaders
Read how Optus develops its first-time leaders resulting in better leadership capability, day-to-day conversations, and engagement and commitment.
[Read the Success Story]
Leadership Analytics: What Functions Are Falling Short? The Glaring Leadership Truths
Hear what actual assessment data reveals about leadership function skill shortages.
[View the Research]
Multiple researchers have found that empathy (or the ability to understand other's perspectives) is a skill that defines a successful leader.
[Watch the Video]

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