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Trend Tracker: Leadership Development Closes the Leadership Gender Gap

Since its launch in 1973, Interaction Management® (IM®) has become the standard for leadership development. Now, a new landmark study demonstrates the breadth of its effectiveness. Proof That DDI’s Leadership Development Pays Off: 40+ Years of Research on the Impact of Interaction Management® aggregates an unprecedented 186 unique studies that capture results relative to business impact, leader behavior change, employee engagement, and promoting growth. Presented here are findings showing how IM helps organizations close the gender gap in their leadership ranks.

IM is equally effective at improving men and women leaders.

Men and womenMany organizations are focusing on diversity as a business strategy to support innovation and rapid growth. After completing IM courses, a similarly high percentage of men and women leaders self-rate as effective on key leadership behaviors.

Women leaders become more confident.

Research has shown that men are significantly more confident than women in their leadership abilities. But over 80 percent of women indicated that IM increase their leadership confidence.

Telling Number: 82

Percent of managers, peers, and direct reports who cite higher frequency of observed positive leadership behaviors by IM-developed leaders.

Source: Proof That DDI’s Leadership Leadership Development Pays Off

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