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GOnewsletter Issue 62

Are You Getting the Most from Your Leadership Budget?
Find out, with this Leadership Practices Scorecard. It’s an interactive tool that helps you evaluate where your organization’s leadership practices are strong—and where you might need to make changes. Take the Quiz
The Toughest Challenges Frontline Leaders Must Face
As more than half of frontline leaders say they have never received any training or preparation, it’s little surprise they struggle with the challenges they face every day. Read up on the challenges and get ready to vote in DDI’s 2019 Leadership Tournament, coming in March.
It's Time to Break Down the Barriers
There are five common barriers that get in the way of diversity and inclusion. This provocative video series explains them—and tells you how to remove them!
Does Your Culture Support Leadership Development
As many organizations continue to employ a “DIY” approach to growing leaders, a leadership development culture, in which leaders feel supported in their development, is a necessity for success. (from The Economist)
The Power Moves That Make a Difference for Women Leaders
Kick off your International Women’s Day celebration with this energizing and interactive presentation by DDI's CEO Tacy Byham, Ph.D., based on her top-rated keynote speech. Register today for “Amplify: Power Moves for Women and Their Allies to Ignite Impact.”
Talk to an Expert: Are You Getting the Most from Your Leadership Budget?
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