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GOnewsletter Issue 37

DDI Globe
The Best of 2016
You likely had more information flying at you in 2016 than you could take in—including a lot of great blogs, webinars, and research that offered insights you can really use. Here’s your chance to see what you may have missed from DDI. Check out this collection of our popular content from the past 12 months. And, best wishes for a happy, safe, and successful 2017!

Man running on the face of a clock.
Yes, you can. But first you have to let go of the idea that time spent in a job and experience are the same thing. They’re not!
MBA Does Equal a Great Leader.
MBA graduates earn top starting salaries and often get leadership opportunities others don’t. But DDI research confirms the advanced degree doesn’t equate to strength in important leadership skills.
Attract More Millennial Employees
Why organizations should quit trying so hard to be a place where Millennials want to work and focus instead on creating a workplace that appeals to all employees.
Female Superhero
There’s already a strong business case for diversity. But what can you do, as an individual woman leader, to have more influence and be more effective?
acceleration gauge
As Leaders Ready Now co-author Matt Paese explains in this video, no factor will have a greater impact on your efforts to have more ready-now leaders than making efficient, accurate decisions about whom to accelerate.
people taking a selfie with a selfie stick.
Kim Kardashian has almost 38 million Twitter followers. Why can’t organizations be as brilliant in educating and engaging their leaders as celebrities are about getting to their followers? Barry Stern and Russ White believe the answer is that we need an alternative way to think about knowledge acquisition, learning, and performance.#LearningPerforming
Bundle of sticks tied together.
Building leadership skill proficiency in English-speaking Africa’s Supreme Audit Institutions begins with an international partnership—and an assessment.
Emerging research in the field of neuroscience is challenging some long-held beliefs about leadership, and learning and development.
Zombie at work.
Workplace zombies are a real thing. Here’s how you can bring them back from the “undead.”
Leadership Assessment.
We analyzed data from 15,000 DDI leadership assessment participants, ranging from the frontline to the C-suite. The result: High-Resolution Leadership, a groundbreaking study that applies 18 different lenses to reveal how leaders shape the business landscape.

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