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GOnewsletter Issue 38

Beware the Hippo with a Hairball!
Agile-ready leaders need to be able to shield the environment from unwelcome forces that can shuffle priorities and send progress off the rails.
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What Fast-growing Leaders Need But Aren’t Getting
Your accelerating leaders need feedback. But that doesn’t mean they’re getting as much as they need—or getting the right kind of feedback. (from Training)
Which 15 Metrics Matter Most for the Middle?
We’ve curated data from five sources on the current state of the mid-level—their skills, gaps, and what it will take to accelerate the right talent for your future business needs.
Your Best Performers May Not Be What They Seem
In this extended interview from C-Suite TV, Leaders Ready Now co-author Matt Paese discusses the importance and challenges of finding the right leaders to accelerate—and why exceptional job performance can be an unreliable predictor of leadership potential.
Unjumble” Your Assessment
Are your assessment systems jumbled and disorganized? Are they not integrated across business units and your leadership pipeline? If you answered “yes” to either question, you’ll want to register for the upcoming webinar, Short Circuit: When Your Assessment System Needs a Rewire.

Talk to an Expert: Beware the Hippo with a Hairball!
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