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GOnewsletter Issue 40

Can Leadership Potential Be Spotted on the School Bus?
New DDI research shows that leadership potential can be identified earlier than you might imagine—and parents can help catalyze it!
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So Much to Explore in Global Leadership Forecast 2017|2018
DDI, in partnership with EY and The Conference Board, recently launched the latest Global Leadership Forecast. See what will be explored in one of the largest and longest-running benchmarking and trend research series.
Oh, Man... What a Year for Women
Yes, 2017 has already been a remarkable year for women. But as Women’s History Month draws to a close, DDI’s CEO, Tacy Byham, Ph.D., reminds us that there are still more CEOs named John than women CEOs.
At Some Point, All CEO’s Will Be Millennials. What Does It Mean?
Sign up for the Perspectives of C-Suite Executives and Millennial Leaders webcast from The Conference Board to see fascinating new research on Millennial leaders and how they are like (and not like) non-Millennial leaders and today’s CEOs—and what their inevitable ascent means for organizations.
China’s Manufacturing 4.0 Adoption is Fast, But Not Perfect
As M4.0 gains traction, many Chinese organizations have already started building operational and people plans that are likely to move them to the center of the world manufacturing economy. But do they have the needed leadership and empowerment skills? (from Manufacturing Leadership Journal)

Talk to an Expert: Can Leadership Potential Be Spotted on the School Bus?
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