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GOnewsletter Issue 25

DDI’s groundbreaking High-Resolution Leadership research, which synthesizes 15,000 assessments, reveals surprising findings about leader skills. (from TD Magazine)
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Left Brain Right Brain
Chief executives often fail to define the talent requirements needed to drive growth. As a result, too often they move forward with a strategy that is incomplete—and destined for doom!
Leader Listening
Shout it from the mountaintop: Listening is the one leadership skill that most impacts overall success! (from Fast Company)
Middle School Boy Presenting
It wasn’t just you. Everyone hated middle school. So, maybe it shouldn’t surprise anyone that transitioning to middle management isn’t much fun either. But if you’re new to the role, there are steps you can take to avoid feeling as awkward as a 13-year-old trying to score a seat at the cool kids’ table.
International Women's Day Everyday
International Women’s Day is over for 2016. But the need for more women in leadership ranks, and to help them become successful, goes on! That’s why DDI offers three Women in Leadership program options, ranging from awareness of the opportunities for women to focused development for high potentials.
Forgetful Leader
Want to get international recognition for the leading practices that have impacted your organization's business objectives and performance? Entries for the HCM Excellence Awards 2016 by the Brandon Hall Group are now being accepted through April 15. There are 77 categories covering Learning and Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management, and more!

Talk to an Expert: Cracking the Code to Leader Growth
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