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GOnewsletter Issue 46

Do We Need More Leaders, or More Leadership?
Despite growth in the number of high-potential programs, year after year, more organizations report they lack the leadership they need. In this video, DDI’s Matt Paese describes why it’s time for a different approach—one that reaches beyond just a few high potentials to unleash the full potential that exists in organizations.
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Don’t Bother Developing Leaders at Two Levels!
Rich Wellins, co-author of new research based on DDI’s Leadership Databank, which identifies the leadership practices that are proven by research as well as those that are “worth less,” insists that what are accepted as best practices are instead just common practices.
Leadership Training: It’s Not Just for Work
A survey of DDI training participants found that 82 percent reported using their newly learned skills outside of work, with 90 percent saying those successful conversations occurred at home. It’s compelling proof that corporate leadership training is a win-win for employees and families alike.
Don’t Let Your People Problems Go to the Dogs!
HR can help diagnose people problems. Unfortunately, that’s not how many senior leaders choose to use their organization’s HR function.
Develop Your Millennials. Or Risk Losing Them.
Millennials are hungry for career development. Employers need to take notice—and take action, if they want to keep their younger workers. (from Human Resource Executive)

Talk to an Expert: Do We Need More Leaders or More Leadership
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