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GOnewsletter Issue 34

Businessman holding a life preserver.
In far too many organizations, new leaders are figuratively thrown into the deep end to sink or swim. Little wonder more than 87 percent of first-time leaders feel frustrated, anxious, and uncertain. (from Chief Learning Officer)
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Businessman excited, businesswoman daydreaming about a vacation.
Does your senior management team have a short attention span when it comes to talent? Find out what you can do about it. Register for the upcoming webinar, “Cure Short Attention Spans (and Engage Senior Management in Your Leaders’ Growth).”
Businessman taking off with a jetpack.
Organizations need new hires to start strong, but it’s their supervisors who have the power to make a strong start a reality for newly hired team members
Hand drawing a line over a gap for business people to walk across.
BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi) in Malaysia lacked the leaders it needed to grow. The solution to closing the gap: assessment-driven learning journeys for directors and senior managers.
Businesswoman with bodybuilder arms drawn behind her.
Healthcare is known for its large percentage of female frontline leaders, but a gender gap remains at the executive level. Here’s how healthcare organizations can get more women into their leadership pipelines and better reflect the communities they serve. (from HR Pulse)

Talk to an Expert: Do You Have a Sinking Feeling Your First-time Leaders Can’t Swim?
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