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GOnewsletter Issue 58

Don’t You Forget About Them (Your Gen X Leaders)
Millennials are your organization’s future. But the present? It’s your Gen X leaders that are leaving their mark right now. Read the article
When Blended Learning is the Right Mix
In this Q&A, Lakeland Regional Health’s Jennifer Thayer talks about how the organization used a blended approach to develop its leaders to help the system become a customer experience-centric provider.
 The Time is Now to Make Diversity a Reality!
DDI research confirms that diversity helps drive innovation and eliminates blind spots. What’s more, unleashing diverse sources of potential enables organizations to be more agile, more collaborative, and more profitable. Register now for the webinar, “Make Diversity a Reality in Your Organization,” and learn how you can curb unconscious bias and overcome barriers to diversity.
The Risky Business of CEO Succession
CEO succession represents one of the most complex—and riskiest—situations an organization and its board of directors will face. Here’s how boards are hitting head on one of their most important and consequential responsibilities. (from
Two Days That Will Change Your View of Leadership
Time is running out to join us at DDI LeaderCon 2018 for two action-packed days of learning, collaboration, and exploration that will challenge your thinking when it comes to your leadership practices.
Talk to an Expert: Don’t You Forget About Them (Your Gen X Leaders)
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