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GOnewsletter Issue 32

Alexander Hamilton on the $20 bill.
The smash Broadway musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton offers timeless advice to make you a better leader.
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Business man emerging from an egg shell.
There are a lot of words to describe today’s leaders. “Ready” isn’t one of them. According to DDI research, when it comes to common business contexts, fewer than 1 in 3 leaders are ready.
Businesswoman with a sad look and question marks above her head.
First-time leaders don’t always understand what’s required to drive engagement and retention—especially where their role is concerned. (from Training)
Person with a thought bubble filled with analytics.
Where are the leadership function skill shortages in your organization? Actual assessment data reveals some surprising answers. Get the intel in this upcoming webinar in DDI’s Leadership Analytics series.
An image of a brain with business people running on gears.
To assess your whole pipeline effectively, you need to have the right assessment architecture.
Handshake on a laptop screen with business icons floating below the laptop.
Within two years nearly half of organizations plan to adopt IoT devices to track data on employees. As the trend grows, leaders will have to ensure data gathering doesn’t harm employees’ interests. (from Chief Learning Officer)

Talk to an Expert: Don't Lead Like It's 1783!
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