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GOnewsletter October 06, 2015

Up The Middle

Frontline Pipeline
Strategic leaders provide vision and direction and set organizational strategies in place. Mid-level leaders execute those strategies and drive the organization forward. But, as Kevin Cook points out, these leaders come from the front line—where the focus on your pipeline needs to start.
[ Think Differently ]

Leaders as CatalystsLeadership Insights You Can Use
This comprehensive checklist helps new leaders get off to a strong start, minimize their frustrations, and successfully navigate through their first six months on the job.

Events with the Experts
“Global Leaders. Ready Now.” is a new series of webinars and live events. See the latest DDI research, build your knowledge, learn best practices, and get apply-now advice from DDI experts. See the full schedule of events.

Celebrate Leaders—and Leader-Makers—on Boss’s Day
October 16th is Boss’s Day. But nobody really celebrates bosses—they celebrate leaders! Thank and inspire your team with this video.

Talk to an Expert: Frontline Pipeline
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